Live In Barcelona

DVD: JP 2007 (Columbia COBY-91365)
DVD: JP 2008 (Columbia COBY-91521)
DVD: UK 2004 (Snapper SMADVD209X)
DVD: US 2005 (MVD Entertainment DR-4470)
             Kinky Afro
             Loose Fit
             Reverend Black Grape
             Bob's Yer Uncle
             Step On
             Mad Cyril
             WFL (Wrote For Luck)
             Stinkin' Thinkin'
             24 Hour Party People

- Recorded 2004 live in Barcelona.
- Includes an interview with Shaun Ryder, a photo gallery, a biography and sound check footage.
- Secret Records released a vinyl edition in 2017 with 6 tracks from the gig.

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